Hot Pics: Lil Kim Celebrates Birthday In Miami


    Lil Kim celebrated her 37th birthday in Miami last week. The plastic PayPal rapper is gearing up to release her new single, ‘Looks Like Money’, in the coming weeks in hopes of forging a comeback.

    Another image can be seen below:

    All images via Rap-Up!

    What do you think of the pics?

    • Rihbaby

      OMFG why does everyone cope rihanna, why can’t any other get a fucking stylist, we know rihanna is the baddest in the game kim, and we all know shes the queen of pop, Lol kim you look like Jackie Chan!

    • jazz

      Those eyebrows -_-

    • Miss. S.

      That face……she looks like a old chinese white woman.

    • T

      Unless Rihanna is a Chinese woman with a mean ass tan then I think she’d be highly insulted by these claims.

      Poor Kim Ho Chi Ming.

    • rihluv

      omg @ rihbaby…ur soooooo fucking part of the navy and i feel like sttrangling the life out of u….bitches like you make it hard for a navy member like me *diamond voice from players club* lol…fallll backkkkkkk

    • AyeBritt_

      seems like Trent left out one fat about Rihanna stans…they practice “sound it out spelling” Ex: Rihbaby and her use of the word cope which she spelled “Cope”…she clearly thought “how do u spell copy? Oh let me sound it out…Cop-E”

      And the only thing Rihanna is “Queen” of is Barbados & Goats

    • AyeBritt_


    • latin86

      she looks aight ! yall hate too much

    • Not seeing any Rihanna comparisons here at all. Have mercy Jesus!