Hot Pics: Alexandra Burke & JLS Attend M&M’s World London


    Alexandra Burke attended the launch of the M&M World Store in London today. The singer was joined by her fellow ‘X-Factor’ alumni JLS.

    Peep more images of Burke and the colourful quartet below:

    Photos via WireImage

    What do you think of the pics?

    • Kim

      I swear Alex looks more manly than all of those boys

    • J

      I wish I was there … ,!,!,!
      Alexandra is looking really good has she done surgery? Or Botox? She looks very different .. Well if you have the money you can do anything! Her body is always on point….
      Sooo angry missed the JLS performance … Aww..

    • Alexandra looks beautiful love her dress. I think she has changed her hair, i seems to be brown tinted.Looks like a fun shop.

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