Chris Brown & Adele To Perform At 2011 MTV VMA


    The anticipation fo the 2011 MTV VMA is finally heating up! Chris Brown and Adele are both expected to hit the stage at the event that is carded for August 28th.

    In addition to Lil Wayne, two of the year’s best-selling acts will perform some of their biggest hits live at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Adele is nominated for an astounding 7 awards while Brown has received multiple nods for his monster hit ‘Look At Me Now (Ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne)’.

    The latter had this to say about his upcoming appearance at the show:

    “I am excited about my nominations and to be back on the VMA stage,” Brown said in a statement. “I have a special performance planned for my wonderful fans.”

    Read more on MTV.

    Get ready!


    • I predicted this last August. I said that Chris would be slaying the stage at the 2011 VMAs, and lo and behold…

      LOVE it. Love that true talent (like Chris & Adele) has finally returned to MTV. And I await the inevitable news of the Trinity’s performances with bated breath.

    • almostpia

      I’m terribly excited about Chris Brown performing!! I look forward to Adele performing too. #TalentPrevailsin2011 I hope MTV asks Adele and Joss Stone to do a tribute to Amy Winehouse

    • Shorty1103

      POW!!! & just like that Karma is making a tremendous comeback *wink* in 2011 lol
      Now i will be tuning my ass in to the VMA’s. Shit if the media was outraged @ him performin on the Today Show i cant wait to see them go mad over this announcement lmao.The only reason they were mad cuz 18,000 people showed up.
      I CANT WAIT…. LIFE WILL BE GIVEN @ the VMA’s this year finally!!

      Now let the absurd Rihanna & Breezy VMA collision stories begin smh

    • rihluv

      hmmm what if rihanna shows haha<3

    • H3avensent08

      I’m glad they’re performing. I just hope they also announce Beyonce! I refuse to watch musical award shows If she’s not performing.

    • jasmine

      Chris Brown back at the VMA’s… can you say SLAYS!!!! I am now watching because I had planned to skip he didnt perform. Oh my goodness and I highly doubt Rihanna, or Beyonce will show unless, Bey performs from a screen again!!!! And my girl Adele is performing too, lets hope she’s not sitting the whole time. lol

    • WonderLand19

      WOOOOOOOOP!!! I really hope he SLAYS the stage and that he will be the highlight off the evening for his killer performance. I also excited for adele. I hope she performs a tribute to Amy aswell.
      Chris and Adele WILL rock the night. Now i have a reason to stay up and watch 🙂

    • Paige

      I’m really excited… I just hope he doesn’t lip sync

    • Mariah’s “Dreamlover”

      Adele & CB are two of my favorite Artists;I can’t wait to see them. Beyonce is an amazing performer;(even tho im not a fan of her music) I hope she will be performing also. I love watching her dance aka shakeing that ass…. lmao